Into The Wild

ever since i saw the movie "into the wild" iv become a bit obsessedted with the idea that living in the wild for the rest of your life would be so fun. yeah it will be tough but i like a good challenge, but i think part of the reason why i want to do this so badly is because i fear Ive gone crazy, bonkers, mad, kookoo, insane but so far its easy to hide it....... from others of course otherwise i wouldn't of admitted that rite...rite well any way i hope that if i actual go through with this, i hope I'm a bit more prepared than Christopher mcandlels was. also I'm not Sher what ill do with my life because i want to become an architect an artist photographer or an engineer but i ant o become an engineer because of the creativity and the knowledge you poses idk . or maby i can live a semi boring life like everybody ells dose and go on survival trips when i can. sorry for the misspellings i was going to go over them and correct them but i got to lazy...... or was i distracted hehehe the world may never know. oh wait i just noticed something ........... a spellchecker

Beddemon Beddemon
18-21, M
Mar 11, 2010