On The Deck

I had written earlier in the group about being caught weeding garden nude by some friends. The short of it is they joined me for a beer and went nude on my deck with me. Then they invited wife and I to their house on friday nite for a little party, Juanita had told my wife that they had such a good time at our house, that the party at their house would be clothing optonal. Oh I forgot to mention that my wife does not do the nude lifestyle thing..

When we left for the party, wife made a comment about my outfit. I told her would not have it on long, as it was clothing optional and i was oppting not to.
She did not say anything. We arrived at Juan and Randy's house, and noted there was only 2 other cars in drive. We parked, got cooler out, wife took out some snacks and bread we had brought along. Juanita met us in drive and said to come thru garage, she was wearing a long robe. She said her brother in law, his wife and a couple from a nearby town, that we did not know were out by pool.

I stopped in garage and took off my shirt, shorts and shoes. Wife asked me if I THOUGHT that was a good idea. And I simply said, I thought it was. She waited for me to walk out of garage and onto the deck. I was carrying the cooler in front of me, first thing I noticed was that Randys brother was nude, his wife had on a string bikini. The other couple were both wearing swimsuits, to each his own, did not bother me at all, although Ron being nude was going to bother my wife a bit. I set the cooler down and grabbed a beer, as Randy and Juan both came onto the deck nude. Randy walked over and shook hands and then turned to introduce me to the other couple. After the intros, we all sat down and were chatting and snacking. Mary excused herself and said something about the bathroom adn the other lady said she would join her.

After they left the other fellow whose name is Bill, went to garage, returning in a few minutes nude. We all noted he was nude, but no one said anything Marilyn my wife just looked at me and said nothing. A few minutes later, Mary and Jody came back from bathroom and both were nude. They sat down and we resumed chatting and snacking. l Ron and Mary mentioned that this was the first time they were nude in a mixed social setting, Bill and Jody stated they had been nude with some of Jodys family once or twice before. About that time, I said it was time for a swim and jumped into the pool, followed by the other guys while the ladies decided to not get hair wet. We froliced around for a bit with some diving and horseplay and then decidedthat it was to strenuous and walked back to table.

Juan mentioned that the pizza would be ready in a few minutes. the women got up and went to get the pizza while the guys moved another table over to have enough room for everyone to sit down and a place for pizza and wings. We all dug in and had a good time eating. after we were done chowing down, one of women made comment, at least she did not get any hot sauce on her clothes, smiling as she made the comment. The evening continued with everyone having a good time, even tho my wife never got nude with rest of us.

The evening passed uneventfully and about 10:30, Bill and Jody made a comment it was getting time to leave and My wife decided we could go also. We picked up cooler and headed for car, I threw my clothes on top of cooler and put it in trunk. Marilyn asked me if I were getting dressed, and I told her I was as dressed as I was going to get.

I thought it was a great nite.
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Thanks, you kept your promise. I was really getting desperate to read this.<br />
You really had a great time with some more & new friends. <br />
I Hope that you will shortly come to meet with your new story.<br />
( It's also great that though your wife is different & not a nudist but she has not against of this also.)<br />
Good night & take care.