Invisible Driving - my memoir of manic depression - contains many fabricated words.  Now that it's been published, there's the chance that some of them may gain acceptance, and ultimately find their way into the dictionary.  That would be exciting.  However, it would pose a problem for the compilers as even I would have difficulty providing satisfactory definitions for them.  Of them all, I think "rabazibby" has the best shot.  However, there are many other contenders, among them: squazmogrified pontippelation, squatch, slatch, pozmondillip snorch, snazzblaster, and of course, snozzle.  The idea of enriching the English language is indeed a humbling one.     
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Exactly!!! I used to love Snagglepuss. And I loved the way he said that - it was his big line. "Exit...Stage Left...IMMEDIATELY!!!"

Rabazibby - The way you often use it, for me, it is analogous to the phrase Snagglepuss used in those Hanna-Barbera cartoons right before he dashed off, "Exit, stage left!"

On a bed of straw! Sounds all rammy and Tom Jones-ish. Bravo. Must get back to work, pass me that wench, I mean wrench.

s.h.i.t and f.u.ck are the missing blanks there. crude but powerful

ah the joys of expressing yourself through a new symbol. i had loads as a youngun, most have stuck. such a shwoah (that was created while falling out of bed one morning. i wanted to say **** but a child walked in the door). but most of all i loved phrases. such as '**** me raw on a bed of straw' or the all time favourite 'woof'. cant beat a good woof.

WittyOne you have made my day. The book was really written so that "outsiders" like you - people who do not suffer from Bipolar disorder - might get a glimpse into this bizarre yet fascinating world. Thank you for reading, and for your lovely words. Rabazibby.

I am about 3/4 of the way through your Invisible Driving adventure and not having experienced a manic episode I can say your writing gives one at least a feel for what being manic must be like.<br />
I'm glad you made it out the other side.

I invented a word by accident... "Nerm"... I was trying to say Nimrod and Nerd at the same time... and out came "Nerm". Yeah... I'm proud!! =]

Words like that are very handy. Unfortunately, there really aren't any of that type in Invisible Driving, although I wouldn't use slatch or snozzle in mixed company!

Words like that are very handy. Unfortunately, there really aren't any of that type in Invisible Driving, although I wouldn't use slatch or snozzle in mixed company!

rabazibby. catchy! i tend to invent words of my own, and frequently. but none of them are quite ready for the dictionary status yet. most of them are vile and invented when i can't say a cuss word infront of my children and i've hurt myself. <br />
you'd be suprised what can fly out of one's mouth in those instances! lol

Too tempting. You're reading the book - how would YOU define it? All of the options you list factor in - with a little shazam, gottago, heyprestobob'syouruncle, and Abyssinia thrown in for good measure. Out the door he goes, rabazibby. :-)

So how would you define rabazibby? brouhaha, ballyhoo, excitement, tumult, hubbub, pandemonium?

No problem, Ward. But, just for fun, at some point during the day, try squeezing "spizzling snerchification" into a sentence and see if anybody notices.

It's usually preceded by, "Out the door he goes." <br />
<br />

lol I like Rabazibby the best from that email you sent me hahaha

You coined nifty? Nice work! And cool - well - that's a legend in itself.