I Feel Better

actually i have been feeling less invisable recently. i feel more together since i started EP. this place has changed my life.

charlee17 charlee17
51-55, F
6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

good to hear from you you are a gift also.

Love ya ..that's a fact! keep on being you and that's a gift to your friends here.

extremely rewarding. i am a person that most people shy away from so it is nice to meet people who like you for your inner beauty. and it is so nice to not have all of the trivial things out of the way. here we talk about the real values in our life and others respond to that , not all of the outward looking and then saying it is not good enough. thanks for being real

Hi charlee..Isn't it so true> You can get involved with Ep friends and they with you. The best in so many ways. The boundries of our world grows, as new friends are added.It's very real and rewarding. XO for sure.

thanks did i tell you of my new baby? she is cute and small and gray with a little of white on her tiny feet. i haven't given her a name yet. i found her on a busy road and had some trouble reaching her she was so scared and was running back and forth by the concrete that divides the road shoulder. i saw this tiny little face and i glimsped out of the window as i drove by. i couldn't leave her i wonder how many people didn't see her.so now i have 3 outside cats 3 inside cats and one that lives in a cat carrier most of the time. she hasn't go used to the rest of them yet she will.

Me too - because of people like you Charlee17!