Acupuncture, Mitochondria And Fraud

This is not a story about how to pick two big words out of the dictionary and claim some airy fairy and bizarre connections. Its about fraudulent activity in medicine and science respectively and its about sex!
An adult ape seems a sturdy, solid and quite formidable organism, but in fact the inner machinery taking up much of the animal's volume is just jelly. This also contains a lot of water in a fixed molecular state. As you know all this protoplasm, as it is called, is tightly packed into some billions of cells with a skin around each of them and the inner pressure in cells gives the organism a solid consistency. The jelly secretes skin and bone etc. to protect itself and support itself in the active adult animal. So all this jelly in cells is spread from head to foot throughout the animal's body.
But all this is not relevent to the present story. Its just by way of an introduction to a story about what powers up the machine and provides it with a continuous supply of energy. Every cell contains several hundred miniscual batteries called mitochondria. These batteries appear as roughly ovoid or spherical vesicles with a tough membrane or skin around it. So an adult female ape has approximately say 10 trillion tiny batteries fairly evenly spread out from head to foot, operating inside the jelly. A male ape, being larger and with a denser brain has say 20 trillion mitochondria packed into its body, everywhere. Double the power! Numerical accuracy is not that important here, nor even achievable. Approximations and correct orders of magnitude are enough.The analogy between a mitochondrion and a battery can be taken quite a long way. Parrallells can be made everywhere, which is not surprising considering they serve similar functions. Mitochondria, however, are required to be continuously recharged by the breakdown of carbohydrate fuel. But the essential reaction is the splitting of hydrogen atoms from this fuel into positvely-charged protons and negatively- charged electrons. The mitochondrial vessicles become negative on the inside, positive on the outside. A conventional man-made battery has two metal electrodes or terminals stuck into an aqueous salt solution, and charging up splits water into charged particles. Mitochondria do not have any micoscopic electrode needles stuck into them. Instead they have iron and copper atoms dotted about in their membrane skins, and magnesium ions also loosely attached to them. These metals act as electrodes in a more complicated way than an artificial battery. Oxygen is also a requirement of mitochondria because it discharges the membrane and combines with the hydrogen, reconstituting water as a result. A conventional battery produces oxygen during the charging process.
The remaining factor that effects the energy availible from the mitochondria is not chemical, but thermodynamic, that is, the heat content of the living system of the animal, which is related to the temperature inside and outside of its body. Most of this energy, and the electrical energy available on discharge of the mitochondria is taken up in all the myriad movements and reactions taking place. It all becomes chemical energy, which is a vague concept to say the least. Free energy does not exist. So, with reference to the theory of acupuncture, it seems obvious that these trillions of mitochondria spread throughout the animal could generate extra free energy, maybe as an eloctrostatic field with statistical nodes where energy was either more concentrated or particularly weak, depending on the magnitude of each of the five factors involved, i.e water, oxygen, metal ions, fuel (for example, cellulose) and heat. However, such a field would be quite chaotic. The nodes would move about and vary between individuals. The only point in favour of such a theory is the fact that the animal has inner strucures, organs, nerves, blood vessels, joints etc which are the same in all males on the one hand, and all females on the other. So one would expect the field also to have some definite structure, represented by positive statitistical nodes in a negative field generated by mitochondria. This arrangement of nodal points would be markedly different in the two sexes, which are genetically and chemically poles apart.
The annoyning thing is that actupuncturists dont use anything like this plausible theory. They use hokus pokus instead and most of what they do is completely fraudulent. On top of this, feminism has interfered with the theory of gender which goes with acupuncture theory, so to put the record straight, masculine means physical and feminine means chemical in short. The male represents the outward physical show of its own species, as a formidable solid individual. The female is the complementary opposite, a background food processor which is diffuse and chemically orientated and connected thus to all species.
There is yet another aspect about mitochondria relating to gender. This is about a tiny strand of DNA called mitochondrial DNA. All cell inclusions have to be instructed by genes, sometimes just called DNA, on how to put themselves together in the first place when each cell is formed. Nearly all of this DNA (99.9%) resides in the cell nucleus, built into chromosomes, and some of the genes here direct the synthesis of mitochondria. A small part of the mitochondria however is coded in this little piece of DNA inside the mitochondria. Originally, the first copies of this DNA come from the ape's mother, never from the father as far as is known. But to put this in perspective, both male and female contain trillions of mitochondria, each with its own copy of mitochondrial DNA. So a male contains say 20 trillion copies of this highly important piece of DNA, twice as many as the female, and only about 1000 copies existed in the original egg. These facts are presented here, and in such an openly sexist way, because certain feminist scientists who have the full confidence and admiration of the media insist on confusing the public on this particular issue.
The mitochondrial DNA is such a miniscual portion of the cells DNA that playing around on a computer with its gene structures from various species of organism will say absolutely nothing about evolution past or present, because, as has been repeated several times in this essay, mitochondrial DNA gets absolutely everywhere in both sexes of the species and should therefore be considered irrelevant in evolutionary studies. What is important is the other 99.9% of the DNA which dwarfs the mitochondrial contribution, and has everything to do with maintaining and conserving sexual differences. It is important to mention however that the fact that mitochondrial DNA is passed down the female line is just further proof that the female genome is a repository for the gene pool, that its function is conservation only, and that females do not vary in the same way as males do.
So, to conclude, with relation to the human species, be suspicious of feminist scientists who crowd the media slots, and who think women are the business, because they are disgustingly wrong. Men are the business. And, with regard to acupuncture, water, oxygen, metal ions and temperature are constant ever-present factors in all your body dynamics, so instead of paying a fortune to get jabbed and tortured with needles, regulation of carbohtdrate intake (i.e. starch and sugar) will have a much better effect on health than visiting fraudulent practioners.

theleopard theleopard
Nov 23, 2012