The War Against Feminism

The war against feminism is a bit like tilting at windmills, i.e fighting an imaginary enemy, because so much time has passed since these filthy minded women that we call feminsts, started their sinister, mindless assault on the manosphere. In a way the problem is just semantic, its cosmetic. But this pretence about women has completely taken over the nation's economy, and media, and law, and worst of all, the police, and also the unmentionable miltary think- tanks of the west. Its imaginary because modern women were not alive when feminism started out. Biologically, though, women are the same everwhere, and the same as they were a century ago, so it is their fault, and not that of men, who have differed so much in their attitude and approach to the problems proposed by feminism.
The highest achievement of the feminist charade is represented by elite corps of so called ninja-women in two or three eastern countries, and some 25% of the british police force, for example. But they are not real, they are expensive pageants on the side who are pathetic and impotent in the practical reality of the war. Why they exist is a mystery. The only possibility is that it frightens the antifeminist majority which makes up the nation. To invoke terror in them that their own government is just pretending about women's liberation. All these policewomen and fighting women should be focussed on as real physical enemies which antifeminists can set upon and destroy. Ideologically, these cowardly highly-paid pretend fighters represent a deliberate corruption of the nations treasured ethics, of its own constitution. Who knows why.
But there is another side to the war against feminism which is real, physical, sexual, and totally unstoppable because it is the spawn of decades of relentless pressure from feminists themselves. This side is the tide of men with money and plenty of condoms who see the cities of europe and the west as cattle-markets and nothing else. What matters to them is the totty ratings and fact that there are plenty of takers who are genuinely feminine women. They are said to be normal males except that they are not normal, being forced into existence by political correctness. They are innocent, however. It is only feminists who are guilty, because they lie to the back teeth about nature, evolution, and animals. These men, along with hooligans and rioters, represent, ironically, mother nature's front line against feminism. Contraception aside, these sexed up critters are only trying to spread their own genes instead of the next man's. Hopefully, their tribe will increase.
Back to the ploys in the enemy camps, feminism is so spread out everywhere these days, deliberately so, which makes it difficult to eye up the enemy, let alone sqeeze the trigger, even if it is only a mouse button, and not a real gun. But a lot of feminist activity, and financing, is behind what you might call the macho woman slot, in every every advertisement, every novel, tv programme etc. On radio 2 its the traffic news women. In adverts its often a pretend woman engineer. In movies, if its not a policewoman, its one or two buddy -boy girls made up as engineers or space men. It is continuous interference with the private lives of the public. Wall to wall, blanket male bashing.
So, to take a different track, and to indicate what feminism should be replaced with, imagine if the fifth amendment had not been passed in America, and that women had not been handed voting rights. What if british statesmen had been totally vindicated for saying that 'women are well represented by their husbands, brothers and sons', and women did not get the vote here either? Well, Darwins theory would have a lot more meaning in society. Nature and nurture would be seen as sexist ,and definately not a problem to debate. And the movement in philosophy called machinism would have been acceptable to politicians. These machinists viewed society as a wondrous machine with two seperate parts, male and female, having totally seperate functions, operating seperately, like two differently sized cogs intermeshing here and there. There would be more segregation in schools. Learning to read write is boot-strapping a child into education and the learning process, so male and female children would be taught to read and write in seperate rooms using different methods, the phonic method for boys, the look-see method for girls. What else would be different today is just not discernible and all efforts in this respect are the domain of science fiction.

Then, of course, there are the talking shops on the internet. The warlords with words and blogs and clever news sites. And antifeminism has splintered into other formulae, called non-feminism, anti-misandry, mens studies, male studies, and cake- stuffing women's sites as well. These are, unfortunately, for therapy and consolation only though because the oppositon,feminism today, increasingly communistic, is backed up with trillions of dollars, and thousands of tons of police and military weaponry. This is all set to come down on any antifeminist who dares to publicly break through the perimter fences of feminism and make claims for power.
The proliferation of these sites is good news though, and competion between them is a good sign. So hope for the war is still by wearing down the enemy. Antifeminism is a war of attrition. It will never cease.
theleopard theleopard
Dec 3, 2012