Ep Luna Park Fun*

wElComE To The Ep LunA pArK*come in ,come in :)


rollercoasters and cars and horses to have fun!!



kids can also make their own show!

entertainment,food , rides,corner with books for the book lovers, music all night and day!

have fun!!!



* ps. u all have to come barefoot , haha so i can let u in :P

amysangels amysangels
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33 Responses Feb 21, 2010


well u can go *imagine and its real*:)

thanks eyeno ,glad u like it*

hehe yeehaa :)

hehe sf :)<br />
good lena:)

me,me..but if i get sleepy more careful heh:)

hey lena,glad to see u*have fun at luna park :)

heh :P

LOL No EP points!


like a cheetah?hehe :)

*goes to rollercoaster*

heh come marji!<br />
beep :)


Hi amyMA<br />
C'est Magnifique!<br />
tres Bon!<br />

AWESOME!!! lol

pink and blue and white.urs?

but i can run after everyone if i get in those cars :)

is the only cars i like sf !

have fun!! :)

You did a great job. The neon signage is cool too! You have a talent!

i search with many keywords on google---and search through the world to bring to ep the best heh :)

I love the carousel horses! They're beautiful! How'd you find the old fashioned ones?... They are the Best!

yeah so hard work hehe :)

LOL well you've done a beautiful Job! I must say!

redlady barefoot !!!!hehe come in


hey Girlie girl! What's you got goin' here!? Can I come in?... You sure you want me to go barefoot? I may scare people away with my feet. LOL

*na na na makarena*

heh :P maybe we should dance makarena! heh

hehe :) *holds a flag that writes ''ep luna park fun'' and dances*

yeah!!!! come in!!! :)