I've read lot's of stories of healing, pain, sorrow and failures. I've had lot's of all those in my life. I don't remember my childhood, I was abused, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Sexually, I've hated, wanted revenge, even wanted to take my life. I finally learned one thing, you must have Faith and God in your life. Most of you will ask, how can that help? Well for me it worked this way. I found out that if you cannot forgive then you will never be healed. Second, If you find you can't forgive, then let God forgive for you, he will help take away the pain, fear, hatred, Loneliness, and when you even think about it, it becomes just a memory. So far back that it will eventually be gone. How long does it take, it depends on you and how long you want to keep this in your hearts. It's all up to you! For you that don't understand, I pray, Dear God, take away the pain in their hearts, no matter what it may be, let them feel your love that is so great we cannot imagine. Ease the Pain and let us feel your Holy spirit around us and in our hearts. Let us feel your hand in mine as we walk this road together and I'm never alone, you, by my side and in my heart. If I cannot forgive, give me your heart of Love to forgive and forget. My Lord and My God!
romantch65 romantch65
56-60, M
Sep 8, 2012