When We Pray Together

I believe in the power of prayer. My daily prayer is that I can be a sanctuary according to Your will. That I be given what I need and no more. That I take no accounts for mistakes or faults as that is Yours to regard. That in all myself the flood of warmth of Your lave grace and mercy take hold. That I have the courage to do what is right. That I invite You to live in my heart. Iask for your protection from those that seek to harm. I praise You for the refuge of grace. Be my guide as I wander this world and may every thought I have come from You. Protect me from those who would seek to harm if that be Your will be done. Bless those who have sought to control me that they find Peace and freedom in you. That they find their value in Your love for them. Forgive my desire to connect with others that lead me from my tranquil being. Thank you for the courage that I was able to try. That I did not repay manipulation but sought to love and was given the gift to be good to those who sought to harm. Seek out the suffering and grant them refuge. May they find peace with each other and strength together. I seek and ask for that as well guide me where there are those whom I can trust enough to be vulnerable with. Thank you for all you have done and for the blessings of life, for recovering me from dark nights. For tears of joy flowing. For tears of pain drying up. Thank you that there are thise who would love so dearly that they stop at nothing to help those they believe to be in need. May You always be praised and Tour will be done.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

amen i belive in prayer too