Guess We Are Gonna Be Here For A Bit.

Uh huh, it's me again, just wanna thank you for all I got. I'm here today cause of a computer thing called Experience Project. I know you know what it is, still don't know how you do that I mean it is so amazing. You created the entire universe and everything in it and you continue to create things everyday, what is it the scientists said? A new star is created every second of every day. With all that and as tiny as I am in the whole scheme of things you know my name and the names of everyone else too, Wow. Of course my understanding is so limited, You are the creator of all and in my limited way I imagine you have limits. What limits could you possibly have? I guess as simple humans we really don't understand do we? We face challenges in this time and space we believe are monumentous, unsolveable. We fall and believe we are no longer worthy, we are really a silly lot aren't we?

Kinda got off track, I really wanted to talk to you about my EP Friends. Pretty special I have friends all over the world. Now some of my friends are really having some difficulties, relationships, addictions, all sorts of things. Some of my friends come to you but some, well they don't think they are able to for whatever reasons they have. I know you know all about them, of course you do.
I just wanted to say a prayer for them. I was going to say a seperate prayer for each of them but I wasn't sure that wouldn't take a couple days and well I figured I would miss something or someone so I figured I would do a big group prayer, knowing you would fill in the gaps.

God, I Pray that all my EP Friends should feel your Peace, I pray all of them shall know your Grace, Bless them all. Amen
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Thanks! Truly appreciated.

Thank you cowboy...I mean that



Always remember by yourself you can do nothing but with God there is nothing you can't do

Thanks. I think I was just exhausted and frustrated by hours of trying to learn the highway code... I'm 33 and I have always refused to learn how to drive, but now I have to and it's annoying me.