For Us All

As Christmas approaches I want to get down on my knees and say a prayer for all of us.
I send these words out to the Creator, Father, God, The Great Spirit and the countless other names that have been associated with the Divine Spirit.
I am asking on this Christmas day that your Peace and Grace would envelop us all and that we should all be able to see that we are all connected, all the same no matter how different we may look. I pray that even if it is for just an instant that hatred worldwide be forgotten, that colors dull and fade so they no longer appear different. I pray that each of us should hold our hand out to just one stranger and I pray that hand is accepted. I pray that on this day no one shall die because of anger. I Pray that on this day the love for material things is replaced by the love of each other. I pray this be a day free of pain, free of hunger, free of fear.

If you could Grant this prayer I would pray it causes a new awareness and sets in motion a new era where Peace and Love circles the globe like an all consuming fire

This I pray for all of us, Amen
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5 Responses Dec 21, 2012

How beautiful and thoughtful. And I wish it really could happen:)

If it doesn't happen someday we will surely suffer extinction

Lovely prayer :)

Wouldn't that be great. Amen.