A Call For Prayers For Intervention

Neveah, has found her family in a situation of having  a child who has been terribly abused. The mother, (not Neveah), abused her son horrendously.

I ask everyone, to PLEASE join in prayer for the LORD to intervene in this situation.  The courts are involved, their are other childrn involved....


The child reported, just as his siblings did, horror stories of being starved, beat, locked in closets.  GOD has never meant for children to be treated this way.  Neveah now finds that she is picking up the pieces of this womans abuse, which was extansive.  Some of the 8 year olds problems are not only the terrors of bad memories, but is also dealing witha possible slight case of untreated autism!

Oh, Please Please Pray for ALL the members of this family, as they work to show and replace his hoorors with love and understanding.  Pray that his siblings find place of understanding and love, that the judge removes this womans right entirely.

Pray thes children grow under the loving hands of those who have them now.  I ask this, because these people ALL NEED PRAYER.

The Lord says "take up my yoke" 

May these people do that because the yolk they carrying, and their burdens are heavy, requiring a ton of patience, love, experience, money, time, and personal investments!

I ask, because we are suh a deeply loving, group.  I ask becasue WE are prayer Warriors!  Our deep love for the Lord,is obvious. 


Please include these people, ALL of the, AND NEVEAH AND HER STEP SON.  ALL need us to reach to the Heavens and raise their names!


I thank all who jion me.

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5 Responses Jan 28, 2009

Already 'joined': have been since i first heard... so glad you've done this, though: the more who do this, the stronger will be the good that comes of it. It's hard to say much more: too dreadful for words, literally.

I am so glad you all will keep them in your prayers, I thank you. They truly are loving Both Neveah, and her husband. Regardless, FG is right, I am so wrong in not rememebring to lift the biological mother. Though I do pray, she be unable to contact these children, I pray her life comes around for her own good. Thanks FG.<br />
Thnak You everyone for praying to HE WHO LOVES US ALL!

Yes, they will be added to my prayers.

l will pray 4 her and all involved including the biological mom. l can't understand how people can do that to kids.

..so touching! i will pray for them, sure!