Prayers For BeautifulBoy

BeautifulBoy is not only missing on EP, but he is officially a missing person, he was in Edmonton for a couple of days and disappeared there. His friends and his partner Robbie have tried everything they can think of, the authorities know squat, and don't care because he has no family pushing them. He has been missing for weeks now...

I pray that this precious friend will be found very soon !! Thanks!!!!

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I had a mail from Robbie, there's no news about Tom but Robbie is having to move out of their flat because he can't afford the rent on his own and moving in with some friends.

I had a mail from Robbie, there's no news about Tom but Robbie is having to move out of their flat because he can't afford the rent on his own and moving in with some friends.

I wish we had noticed he was missing sooner, but Ric and I feeling bad about this is nothing to what poor Robbie has been going through. Like Tom [BB] we don't pray but we are thinking of him and hope he will return to us soon.

Oh dear, I am so sorry. I do hope he is safe and sound, and you find him. My heart goes out to you.

I will pray for his safe return. My thoughts are with him, you and his loved ones.

I am sorry TP. I hope we will get a good news soon. Hıugs*

Thats really sad I hope he's found soon! I will say a prayer for him..

tender ,,, believing for b.boys quick and safe return,...angelic protection, hedge of protection, even in the "valley of the shadow of death" the LORD"S rod and staff will guide him....<br />
<br />
lol, doc

My heart goes out to him and his family and I hope he is ok somewhere and found soon.

Praying would be hypocritical of me, but my thoughts are with him, my heart is with him, and his loved ones. I hope he's ok, he truly is an amazing person.

I hope he is found soon! My thoughts are with him and his loved ones.

Please Princes Keep us posted of what is new ...i hope he is ok . or just left to another state .

"Lord, I just ask that you put a hedge of protection around this man. I also ask that you guide people to where he is so he can be found. Please reveal to friends, loved ones, law enforcement, and anyone else that is looking for him his location. Your Will be done. In Jesus' name I ask and pray, Amen"

i hope he is ok

He is in my prayers as well

hey, sorry i havent been on in a bit... ill give prayin for him a shot today.

damn.......i hate to hear that......i really hope he is found soon

oh :( I hope he is found very soon...

hope and prayers to the family and friends

This is very sad...I am in hopes that he is ok and my thoughts are with his family and close friends...

*bows head in prayer for her sweet friend*

God our Father, <BR>your Son Jesus Christ as a child <BR>was lost in the chaos of a great city <BR>and was restored to the love of his family; <BR>watch over our friend Beautiful Boy , now missing, for whom we pray <BR>and protect him with your love. <BR>Be near to those who are anxious for him; <BR>let your presence change their sorrow into comfort, <BR>their anxiety into trust, <BR>their despair into faith, <BR>that they may know your loving purposes. <BR>And this we ask <BR>in the name of Jesus our Lord, <BR>who loves and lives <BR>and cares for all your children. Amen. <BR><BR>We sometimes see darkness where there is no answer, please remember he is safe in the arms of our Father. We sometimes hear the silence when we pray for our loved ones, but fear not God hears us. God will soon send a messenger with the triumphant news of his safety. My loving sister TendereyesPrinces with all of us praying, we will see him soon! <BR>Your devoted brother,<BR>JR

OMG, I was worried about him the other day, wondering where he had gone. I pray wherever he is that the Lord brings him home safely to Robbie and us.

Posting pictures certainly couldn't hurt. I'll do whatever I possibly can for you from my end ... please try not to worry about him ...

We should be positive... and hope something good news with all our hearts. so please keep away the worry and just think he is very fine and go back soon :) I beleive Universe will answer us soon. hugs all*

Your concern is understandable and I sympathize with you. Edmonton is a launchpoint for people going to work on the rigs or tarsands project like a couple of my nephews do, and most of them are camp jobs (3 weeks in with one out). I'm sorry to ask, but is their some reason BeautifulBoy might not want to be heard from? Hopefully he is surviving on the streets somewhere doing his thing. I hope you will hear from him or about him soon that he's okay. With all the work available there and here he may just be doing fine, that is my wish to you ...

how about if you put out pics of him in a chain email? let your frfiends pass it to their friends and so on. i have seen this done before belive me many apeople will see his pic.<br />
<br />
i will be more then happy to give you mine if it will help.

I am worried sick. He's my Beautiful Boy, my angel boy and I am devastated. I really am.

I pray that God keeps him safe where ever he is.

May the angels be watching over him and he be returned to the people who love and care for him. I pray he is found safe and sound very soon.

My thoughts got out to his partner.

I pray that everything is okay : )

My thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones. I hope he is found soon.

He's been missing for over a month and the police isn't doing anything because he has no family to push them!? That alone doesn't sound good.

I hope he is safe as well. Where did he live by the way?

Good thoughts going out his way from here. Hope he is safe.

My best wishes..please keep us updated on the issue!!

Oh this is terrible :(<br />
<br />
Thoughts go out to him, his loved ones and friends.

I'm sorry to hear that. Not good at all.

I hope he is fine and get find in healty soon. my best wishes and prays will be with him...

Princess, from afar, the best we can do is to offer our prayers and our hope. This I do for him and for you and his family, close and widespread!

I hope he is found soon and I hope he is okay. He....and you....will be in y thoughts. May the Great Spirit watch over him always.

oh... I will pray for him to be safe as soon as possible..

hi princess.. i hope he is okay... I pray for him. Hugs*