A severely Injured Young Man

I ask you all to pray for healing of Joseph, a young man who's head was almost completely severed from his body. He can hear when you are talking to him, but can not respond other then crying when someone says something that touches his heart.

My friend is friends with his family and they are having a very dispairing time trying to accept and deal with his injuries. He is only 20 with so much to live for.

Please pray for healing and strength for him and his family. Thank you all very much. May God bless you all!

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No peoplesprincess I do not know him. I have met his aunt and another family member. They are a very devoted family and love Joe so much. He is getting better, but still requires 24 hour care which he is getting at his Fathers house. Thanks for commenting.

That is magnificent!<br />
<br />
Did you write it and who is it about, hope it is not someone close to you, gee that is awful.<br />
<br />
Hope your well hun, think of you at times.

Thanks Everlasting Spirit. Here is a poem I wrote about him.<br />
<br />
Miracle Joe, Fight on I say!<br />
<br />
One day a person made a terrible choice.<br />
They chose to drink and drive.<br />
They didn’t know that they would chance<br />
the lives of so many people.<br />
They also didn’t know that as a result<br />
of their terrible decision,<br />
They would bring so many people together.<br />
We are joined because Joey’s family and<br />
friends didn’t give up hope.<br />
They asked the Lord to watch over him<br />
and bring Joey back to them.<br />
To heal the loving young man they once knew.<br />
They asked that he be returned to their loving arms.<br />
Day in and day out, they supported and<br />
helped him any way they could.<br />
They called out to family, friends and strangers alike.<br />
They asked for prayers from all that could hear.<br />
Soon word spread both far and near.<br />
Please pray for our lovable Joe,<br />
Please ask God to give him strength and the will,<br />
To fight and struggle with determination.<br />
So many battles he has won as a result<br />
of his will to be able to say,<br />
“I LOVE YOU” to the people that needed so bad<br />
to hear those words from his lips again.<br />
So on we pray along with his family and loved ones.<br />
We pray that he continues to grow stronger<br />
and continues to fight,<br />
So that one day he will be able to draw<br />
many more people to the light.<br />
To learn of what faith and prayer can accomplish.<br />
Even when so many thought the fight would be over.<br />
<br />
Fight on Joe, fight on!<br />
You are in so many prayers night and day.<br />
From people you know and others that have<br />
been brought together through prayer.<br />
God works in mysterious and powerful ways.<br />
<br />
So fight on Joe, FIGHT ON!<br />
The Angels heard our prayers and<br />
stand guard over you day and night.<br />
Watching and protecting you from<br />
all negative things or thoughts.<br />
<br />
You do not fight alone; HE is always by your side!<br />
<br />
Written for Joe by someone he has never met,<br />
Who feels as though they may be helping him<br />
out in some way.<br />
Weather through prayer, positive energy or thoughts.<br />
It matters not as long as God hears,<br />
which I KNOW he does!

just sent out a prayer.<br />
<br />
Thanks for putting up, just put things in perspective for me.<br />
<br />

Moria, thank you those are very kind words. I know the family will appreciate them.

Thank you so very much everyone.

My good vibes and prays with him and his family...

he and his family are in my prayers