Alone and Sick.

Please pray for me.  I have been suffering from clinical depression and panic attack for the last 12 yrs. of my life and I have reached the bottom of the pit.

I need serious prayer.  Not only am I sick, but I am extremely lonely and alone.  I don't have any family left barely.  My daughter (24) has her own life and cannot deal with my illness.  I only have one girlfriend, but she does not know how to really help me.

The problem is that I have given up and I have decided to not try anymore.  Every time I do things go bac again.  There is no poin.  I just want to laydown in bed and wait until I die.

Please pray that God makes the miracle I have been waiting for for so long.  To cure me once and fo all.

Thank you

God bless you all.

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Call it what you will, but there is this part of you – an innate wisdom, if you will – that has tried and tried and tried to get you to stop and fix a part of you that broke a long time ago but you've told yourself that you either don't have enough money, don't have enough time, don't have enough courage, don't have enough faith, don't have enough conviction, don't have enough belief in yourself, don't have enough love for yourself or any of the thousands of other reasons you've been rattling off to yourself every single day as justification for not stopping and trying to fix that part of you that broke down.<br />
<br />
This innate wisdom inside of you – your other “YOU” – is tired of looking at its reflection in the mirror and seeing a shell, an empty husk.<br />
<br />
“YOU” doesn't want this to be your life anymore but you haven't been listening to her so now, you've left “YOU” with no other recourse but to shut you down – completely. So, in this way, what you're feeling now is the effect of this tool “YOU” is using to get you to STOP! and do anything and everything in your power to fix “YOU”.<br />
<br />
“YOU” is on strike :)<br />
<br />
The point is, listen to “YOU”. “YOU” has shut you down – and will keep you shut down – until you give “YOU” the life it so desperately wants. It's tired of hearing your rationalizations, your excuses - “YOU” wants no more of it!<br />
<br />
The only way you'll make peace with “YOU” is by doing exactly what she wants :)<br />
<br />
The wonderful thing is that, in the process of finally obeying “YOU”, you'll slowly feel MORE energy, MORE passion, MORE intelligence, MORE wisdom, MORE peace and MORE happiness, until one day, “YOU” has decided to turn you back on and has freed you from Depression.<br />
<br />
Listen to “YOU”. Start now! :)

I have depression which then turned bipolar.Your best best bet is research the horrible illness as much as possible.Doctors will just try and give ssri's and lots of other drugs,and some do work but theres other ways round it.for you there might never be a magical cure,but there's so much to learn through the net about depression,and your not alone millions of us are suffering out there to,when your with a person who dosen't understand the illness it's difficult,I've been in the same predicament,they,ll never understand ,and can see why you feel so will definitely find a way to get your depression manageable ,I,m sure of that.I studied a lot on depression if you wanna inbox your welcome in ways i, ve found help.stick in there!

than you guys. I really appreciate all of the prayers and nice thought. I really do, but don't stop praying because I cant do it for myself.<br />
Thanks again. It feels good to know at least some strangers care.<br />
God bless you all

I have depression too and i thought i was alone till i found ep.listen to me,even if u feel giving up-i tell u again i know how u feel-just dont!stand up even if its hard.there is a point,u have to find a if u want..many hugs*just dont give up,u r stronger than u believe

I will pray for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?<br />
<br />
Here are some sites you might want to look at:<br /><br /><br /><br />
<br />
Lots of love coming your way! :-)<br />
You are in my thoughts and prayers...