I have been living unmarried with this man for over 7 years. Early on in the relationship we both alcoholics with the same suitcase full of hurt and pain. After 5 years of this I had attempted to commit suicide. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist, and I got better, my life changed so dramatically. I had hope. Now later we moved to another state and I had the promise from him that this is the chance for us to get it right. It went bad after a few months. We now have a bigger house, both of us are not working and I took in my granddaughter because of the shootings in Chicago. My ex-gentleman/ living companion claims he's still in love with me. I avoid his sexual advances and really don't like sleeping in the same bed with him. My other issue is that I have strong sexual urges and by trying to keep the faith, sometimes I fail at this. I am somewhat ashamed. Lately I've been reading my bible and I want to be a faithful servant. I keep trying to connect with God and I need some serious prayers.
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Find a quiet place specially reserved for God and you. The writings of Paul are good for temptations, which we all have. Also the best bible teacher in the world to me is Dr Charles Stanley, on the internet at In Touch Ministries. God and Jesus be with you, and don't forget the Holy Spirit. AMEN