My Parents

hey guys, this isn't anything as important as any of your other requests seem... but it's something that's really bothering me. i don't think either of my parents are believers in God. i love them sooo much and they are truly great, hardworking, loving people, i just pray that they can spend eternity with God when they die! thank you
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

God can heal, and He will not turn away from anyone who seeks His love and guidance.<br />
<br />
Heavenly Father<br />
<br />
I believe that You can do all things<br />
I believe that I cannot understand Your workings, but I trust that in all things there is meaning and purpose<br />
I believe in Your infinite compassion and love<br />
I believe that you can heal the sick<br />
I believe that you fill my heart with your purpose and that I am unworthy of this gift, but I accept it gladly.<br />
I believe that although my loved one suffers now, that he will see the light of your love and when he does, I believe that You will heal him<br />
I ask for humility<br />
I ask for the wisdom to serve you in all things<br />
I believe in You and I pray that my loved one will soon feel Your Grace<br />
<br />