Healing Through Love And Compassion


Causing the soul to return it a thousand fold to others , who do the same to others, on and on
So when ever any of you see , feel Angels in dreams or vision or awake .It is the essence of love and comfort!

I am a blue butterfly when I "sent" my love to you , any of you see a blue butterfly in dream , vision or awake .

Know I have sent you the "essence" for direction of life truth , trust and faith but most of all "love".

Don't you ever be afraid God is blessing you , we all know God is love!

We are all children of God . Lord Jesus Christ , son of the father send now your "spirit over the earth , let the holy spirit live!

In the "hearts" of all nations that they may be preserved from degeneration , disaster and war!

May the Lady of all nations , who once was Mary be our advocate ~Amen~

Thank you for praying this prayer of peace!

We think it is gone , because the blue of the butterfly is exact same blue as the sky.

We think it is gone because our eyes are to weak to see , and it is difficult to believe what we cannot see.

This heavenly butterfly will fly high in the sky , higher and higher!

The sunlight will touch the blue on it's wings , until it disappears . But the blue butterfly is not gone .

It is still flying higher and higher , nearer the sun blue against blue for "now and forever".

Sending love to you to all children of this earth !

~Ava Maria~



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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

God Bless hon hugs c.b.

Yes, Amen..<br />
I believe this too. Beautifully written, Candy. Thank You.. God Bless You!

Beautiful just like you Candy. Thanks for sharing.......Love and hugs.

Amen<br />
<br />
Love and hugs