I Invited A Few Relatives To Spend The Week With Me! :-)

I invited a few relatives to spend a few weeks with my husband and myself, , :-) the only place they wanted to go, was, is known locally as the ''George town hill'' :-)

When they stood on the top of that mountain and looked down over the ''local valley'' below they commented, ''omg! people pay pounds, for views like this, it is, like being in an Aeroplane and looking down at all the lights in the distance'' :-) It really is a spectacualer sight!!

I am so proud of this little spot,. :-)

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Oooh!! i never thought of doing that, lol :-) Next time i go up the mountain, in the dark again, because when it's dark you can see the street lights from below,. :-) While writing this i just thought of another place which is even more spectacular, when my son takes the dog again in the summer i'll have to ask him to take a few pic!!!! :-) <br />
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Thank you for your comment!! :-)