Car Chase W/ Cholo Muggers

About 6 months ago, a friend and me were driving around at about 11pm or so, looking for a late night place to grab a drink. We drove past the movie theatre, and witnessed the following:

A young Mexican cholo guy came out of a white accura or whatever it was with a baseball bat. Walked up to some kid getting out of the movies, slugged him in the stomach.

From a black BMW also in the parking lot we hear a young girl shout "Leave him the **** ALONE!", which distracts the wana be gangster while the kid runs away. Well, the cholo doesn't like that, and he approaches that car with awhole lot of a fury, slamming off the right rear view mirror and the side of the car.

A huge son of a ***** roars "What the ****" and starts to get out of the BMW. Little cholo books it back to his car, where two of his buddies are sitting, and they take off.

Me and my friend, pretty lit up by it all, get on the white getaway car's ***, less than a foot away. The BMW is behind us, they can't figure out if we're with them or chasing them down too. Well, we ride these cholo SOBs and they SLAM into this concrete plantar, rip this tree to shreds, sparks are flying, a wheel leaves the ground, and they're swerving trying to regain control while I'm screaming YEEEEEHAW.

Well, they get back to it, then run it out of the complex where the theatre and stores are and onto the road. So, we'll right behind them, blowing through red lights going 70 or 80 or something, this keeps going for at least 2 minutes. We read the plate to the dispatcher my buddy was on the phone with, and after the cholos pull a U turn we see about 4 squad cars blowing down the streets, going the wrong direction. I tried to signal to them out the window, they didn't see me. Idiots.

So, we keep on these guys, they get onto the freeway. Those idiots almost caused a wreck, and we opted out after about 30 seconds. Pulled out on the next exit, the BMW behind us. We all park in the lot of a Best Buy, talk. Turns out its a man and wife, both cops, with their three kids. Wife is still on the phone w/ dispatch.

We're directed back to the theatre, where we wait in the cold to get our statements taken. Turns out these idiots dumped their car in an empty lot, with it being registered to them, having the assault weapon IN IT and w/ prints everywhere, and the PD brought in -hah!- a helicopter w/ search lights and dogs on the ground.

Suffice to say, dumbasses got caught. I got a witness rights letter from the division of victim services (hah) and just a few months ago a week long ******* contest w/ DA, asking them not to subpoena me, given that I was 2300 miles away from where the court was gana be (and it was just plea bargained anyway, obviously), which would of been utter BS.


Well, That's my little vigilante story, lol. Good times!

mickyjack045 mickyjack045
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

LOL! Stupid little s**tbags like that don't deserve to be free, lock 'em up.

lol what they don't show you is the long wait in cold and paperwork bs though

Wow! sounds like a movie