This is a story about my cousin and her feet, Part 1. Just a few days ago, I went to my cousins house to go to the beach, not only were we going there to go see my cousins, but also as a little goodbye party for my cousin. (let's call her Katie) Katie was going to college in about a month, so this was the last time we will see her for a few months until she comes to visit for thanksgiving, but enough about backstory and too the feet! It was late at night, and Katie was in bed, no one was around, they were all downstairs watching sharkweek or something, I didn't know if she was awake or not, so I called out her name a few times, when she responded that she was still awake, I finally worked up the guts to tell her. I went over to her bed, and asked her if I could tell her a secret and not tell anyone, she said alright and that she wouldn't tell anyone, so I when right out and told her about my foot fetish, I though this was no better time to tell her because she was going to college, and I was like what the heck, I'll tell her. So when I told Katie that I had a foot fetish, she was totally cool with it and was like wow really? She said it wasn't weird at all and I told her thanks for understanding me, so I then said goodnight to her and went to bed. Hopefully in about 2 months at thanksgiving, I will ask her if I could get more in with her feet, I'm crossing y fingers until then, hopefully it will turn out good! Part 2 coming soon!
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