I Love To Wear Bras, Panties And Slips

I love to wear bras, panties, and slips. It is so much fun. I feel wonderful when dressing and comfortable. I have been wearing bras, panties and slips since my early teens. After trying mom's on I was hooked. After outgrowing her wardrobe I started to buy my own lingerie and foundation wear.
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Its fun to wear all the silky lingerie and get off in them when time allows. Its just a wonderful feeling.

Yes, it is so much fun.

Oh yes I do the same thing

I love your profile name ;-)

Hi jml, for me it was my wife's bra and panties and slips and even her dresses, tops and nighites too, i love the feel of them all on my skin. my wife's bras are a little tight so i bought my own. i enjoy a 44dd, i love the curves i get with big boobs. but i love to play with my nipples just wearing a slip too.

Hi SummerBee, I love curves too.

Try these homemade breast forms. they are weighted just like the real ones. http://lingerie.lovetoknow.com/Make_Your_Own_Breast_Forms

I started wearing my mom's panties and bra. Once it did I was hooked. I love to wear a bra.

High Cindy, Me too. It was lovely wasn't it?

I too love to wear bras, panties and slips. They feel so good against my skin. I'm hooked. All of the slips are very lacy and of all the lingerie I own, slips are my favorite. In fact, I have numerous websites booked that show slips, I love TG captions about lacy slips and in fact, I am wearing a lacy slip, panties, pantyhose and bra while I write this note.

Hi lacysliplover, They do feel so good. I love your avatar.

Well done!!! I never tried on my mothers undies, I was far too scared. I started to buy my own in my late teens. I think that you and I have a lot in common. There is no better feeling than a nice slip on a freshly shaved body.

Hi michelletaite, I agree it is scary to try something new. What was your first purchase? Slips do feel so nice against the skin.

As I recall it was a navy blue short slip. I bought it at a lingerie shop. The lady was Very good. I went there many times. She also did a bra fitting for me. I've never had one since, I just try on the ones I find in the store but get no assistance. I guess it's time I asked again. I Love buying panties but I have so many now and can't wear them all but can not throw them away either.

Thank-you Nylon full slip for your comment.