Apm-j901-z-ws on Mystore365.com

Many people like Apm-j901-z-ws wireless webcam. Wireless webcams have turned out to be a popular commodity to many places. What's a webcam? That is a simply video camera connect to the web. The webcam software receive images on videos and turns them into JPEG images. software settings would let you know how often the images are uploaded. Almost all computers can connect with a webcam, once it's got internet access and a signal from a digital camera/IP camera.

Last week, I took bus for working, and then I found a IP camera was installed on the middle of door. Not only on the bus, such as, commercial buildings, office, elevator, schools, factories, government, and many public and indoor places. Now wireless webcam uses widely in public, it becomes popular in our daily life. Apm- j901-z-ws IP camera only has basic features, but it has many new features. It is able to download iphone APP, and supporting email function. There also has free DDNS for remote viewing, free alarm sound or record on/off for controlling. And it supports many languages for worldwide users. 

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qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 7, 2012