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Now the IP camera is widely used in your home, office, warehouse and other places, which is related with you secure. Also, compared with other high quality IP camera. Recently, a developer of a new breed of unified, announced that St. Mary’s Catholic School has deployed the NLSS Gateway as its new security management platform.

“We strive to provide the ultimate level of security for our students while also remaining visitor-friendly and maintaining the character of our school,” said Janet Cantwell, Principal, St. Mary’s School. “We saw the opportunity with Next Level to do something unique, enhancing our current capabilities with state-of-the-art technology.”

St. Mary’s, there are 700-student elementary school in Alexandria, Va, which has previously struggled with its traditional close system to temporarily grant access to parish groups that commonly use the school facilities after hours. The NLSS security management platform, coupled with HID Edge readers, now secures the school’s access points while eliminating the need to distribute and recollect keys from outside groups.

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Dec 13, 2012