The Solution Of Ip Camera

Many people buy IP camera , because IP camera is really powerful and it makes you to know whether it is safety on your house. You can watch for it through your mobile phone or computer while connected. however, when you use camera, it may cause some problems. For example, the camera is working fine with the software, but evey time you use the web application my browswer freezes. This could be caused by a number of factors. Here are solution for this problem.

First, clear the cookies on your browser. On Internet Explorer, click the Tools Tab, select Internet Options and then choose Delete located under the Browsing History Section. Make sure the checkbox next to cookies is selected, and click Delete. 

Next, ensure that you are using the latest edition of Interenet Explorer. The most up-to-date IE version will function more smoothly for use with IP camera as well as other applications.

Finally, make sure that your computer has enough memory to process the application. Close any applications you are not using, including hidden processes that may be running in the background.

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qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 14, 2012