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Are you finding some iphone5 accessories now? There have iphone 5 leather case cover for you favorite iphone5 in mystore365. After all the waiting and rumors about the iphone5 rose earlier this year, the most awaited iphone5 have already launched in the market at last. Apple is finally getting something new here. Often when you are video recording, a perfect photo possibility comes up and you are left puzzled, what to do now? May you stop recording, cut off the photo and go back to filming, or just miss out on it altogether? Well, you can now do both if you own an iphone5. That is really amazing. You are all set to share that photo with your friends and family in an instant via FriendCaller Rich Media Messaging. On the other parts, Apple reveals iphone 5 with faster, thinner and taller on its performance. It has a faster processor. Because of the extra height, there is now a fifth row for app icons, while the bottom row of shortcuts is still restricted to four along. And Apple says there is 44 per cent more colour saturation than on its previous model. Isn’t it cool? It is the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet, possessing same width as that the iPhone 4S, but taller, weighing just 112g and measuring just 7.6mm in depth. The logic behind that choice is to keep the new iPhone as steady & comfortable to hold in the hand, and that’s a good thing.
Mystore365 supply many of IPhone 5 Holster after the iphone 5 launched out. Iphone5 is your favorites I think, so you need a special leather case cover for your iphone5. It can keep your iphone5 safe while it falling, and protect screen without scratches from your finger or other hard sharp things. This holster has perfect-fit for iphone, good handle feeling, full body protection and cases are carefully checked by our QC with high quality. Believe in our services, and various products on mystore365. So please add mystore365.com as your bookmark on your search engines. Thus you can have deals online conveniently.
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Dec 3, 2012