Jimjam10 :-) Thank You!!!!!! :-)

I would like like to thank JimJam10, for highlighting this very subject on "missing pets" as our very kind friend so rightly points out it was Ep working so hard to make things right on our behalf, thank yoiu Ep and the staff and thanking JimJam10 for sharing this contribution!!!
Thank you JimJam!0,.

Loves ya! hun!!!
xoxoxoxo................................... :-)
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Thank you!!!! :-) JJ, thanks to you i now know!!! i appreciate your kind help and advice you are a fabulous friend! and you are soooo!!! helpful!!! thank you!!! my, very good friend!! thank you!!! :-) loves ya!!! :-)

Hey Welshbabe did you know you can edit your comments, I just found this out today (sorry for me being so slow on this one) if you have posted your comment and then decided you wanted to change or retype, edit it, you can now just put your mouse pointer over your text. which highlights it and one click of your mouse button you can edit your comment yay. saves copying all of your text then deleting your old text and pasting again to edit the comment. Great LOL why didn't i find this out sooner. well my excuse is a add-on in my browser was blocking it by default.

Come on "peeps"" lol :-) lets read your feedback!! ha!! ha!! :-)