Stanger Watching

Is it strange that nothing turns me on more than the thought of a stranger watching me XXXXXXXXXX. I am self contious about myself but not sure why ...Im just nervous I wouldnt turn them on!
thegoodgirl12 thegoodgirl12
36-40, F
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being watched is always a HUGE turnon

You would definetly turn me on babe. I love to direct and watch my woman **********. Nothing hotter. xxxx

very nice!

Would watching me excite you as well?

very much

Well I'm certainly interested if you are

yes message me

How do I do that? I'm new to this site

check your inbox on top right corner im new to this too..

Done! Check your mail and see if I did this right

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Would you like to watch

I would love to watch.


I wouldnt care if they were male or female. would you?

I think I would prefer it be female. I guess it would depend on the circumstances

Can I watch you?

I'd love to have someone watch me especially if it turns them on as well

I want to watch you

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The thought of having someone watch or see me ********** is an incredible turn on