I Truly Believed That We Had a Wonderful and Very Special Friendship

No, we cannot blame the Internet; the Internet itself is a wonderful invention.  It is the people who are the problems.


After two years of what I thought was a special and wonderful friendship, I have now lost a friend.


For two years we shared our lives, good times and bad times, as friends should with each other.  I have cried many times together with her when she was sad; I have lit candles for her when she was ill or beset what seemed to be impossible problems.


Today, my friend has cheated me, after two years of doing everything to gain my utter confidence, so that later she can get my bank details and steal money from my account.


Is there really a true friend in this world, I cannot help keep asking myself?


And yet, I am certain that there are good people too in this world.  Besides, we have to trust some people; we cannot go on with out lives without trusting no one at all – we need people to buy our food from and for our clothes; people to give us a job and for many other things.


We have to trust someone to get married to.  Marriage is a great and important part of our lives – our parents cannot live for ever and when they are gone, if we are married or have a partner, we would have a companion for the rest of our lives and perhaps a family of our own too.


But unfortunately, many people find, years later, that they cannot trust their partner any longer; they are perhaps alcoholic, gay, or violent. 


How can we be sure that the person we get involved with, either as a partner, or just as a friend, we can really trust?  That is a very difficult question indeed……


France Chorley

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2 Responses May 11, 2007

Yes. I don't have many friends -in reality because I do not seem to be likeable ad online because I cannot be sure that the other person is not cheating. I once trusted someone but it was a good person oly now I think I mgt have offended him. He is fro India and I might have been too curious, perhaps I asked te wrong questin, even though I made sure to write sorry i don't mean to offend you, i;m just curious. That is my lesson from that friendship. You learn every day, eery day a new experience enriches you and teaches not to repeat the same mistake. But with relatioships itls different. You have to grant another person a certain degree of openness, trust im or er enough to get to kniw her better. And on the internet it really is hard to tell who's saying the truth. <br />
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You can never ne 100 percent sure, I guess. You have to just close your eyes and believe and trust your good judgement. I know when something raises my suspicions. For instance if after thanking someone for answering my question I receive a message please let me be your first bf- look for alarming telltale signs. I have not replied to that message yet and i think it;s best not to react. I hope I'm not misguided here but that message really was alarming. <br />
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Another trustworthy person I met on Stumble Upon but he felt ill and i have not heard from him for a good while. I pray he is fine... <br />
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I am quite shocked to hear someone would do such a thing/. judging from how you write yu seem to be a deeply-thinking, wise and honest person and i trully sympathize with this terrible, terrible letdown. I can't imagine doing anythng like that, i can imagine how low this person went.

I know how you feel. I have given my love and trust many times in the past, and many times have been cruelly let down or betrayed. I have felt sadness and anger.<br />
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However, each time I have learned a lesson, and have seen and forgiven the faults that person had. Sometimes I have even given help and support.<br />
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But how to trust completely? There is no way of knowing, the other person could also be wondering the same about you!