With the recent news about IS it is very important to remember that it is not about Muslims vs Non Muslims, there a lot of moderate Muslims who are in no way related to IS, just like most Germans are moderate and are in no way related to Hitler. It is a fight between extremists vs moderate people who will allow other to live as they wish as long as they are granted the same right.

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Another important fact is that the US created ISIL(in the current scope) If George bush wouldnt have chosen to invade and occupy iraq, ISIL would not even be known by you and me today. they did not suddenly grow from a vacuum. Most people are igorant about this. Sorry for my english.

Thank you for sharing this important statement! I have love for all people of all walks of life. I believe most people, across the board, are kind and peace loving. Someone on my Facebook page said they think most Muslims support Isis. I said I thought he was incorrect. I said I believe most people - including most Muslims - are good peaceful people. My neighbours are Muslim and they are wonderful kind people!