How can Islam be good if
-it allows divorce and remarriage.
-it doesn't teach the trinity
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On what basis did you choose marriage and the trinity?

As far as I am aware much of Christianity allows divorce and remarriage and the trinity isn't based on anything in the bible.

You're pretty much saying that any religion apart from a section of Christianity, including other sections of Christianity, can't be called good.

Hahahah... no, wait your serious? Asking another religion to justify itself on the basis of (I assume) your religious practices and articles of faith is quite outrageous.
Whether questioning ones own beliefs or searching for truth and understanding one thing that is required is an open mind. The phrasing of your question suggests you lack this.

In islam only the sufis are on the path, the rest is robotic

Islam is and let live..let different beliefs the allowance of being different..

Differnces should unite us and make us want to learn and mature.

Its the terrorists interpretation and sha ria law that confounds most of us..

That's about the best part of it.


I'm not going to judge anything. All I can say is that from a logical standpoint, Islam contradicts itself. Also, the religion does not give a clear definition of morality, if they allow their people to commit Jihad. I am not fan of the religion, but attacking you is not right. The only thing I can attack is Islam not you.

Thank you. I was just asking honest questions and was shocked it was taken as me dissing Islam. In just too tired to defend myself. Thank you for sharing your insight into Islam.

Welcome. If you have any questions pertaining to Islam or Christianity, let me know and I'll do my best to assist. As a christian I know the view and I have studied Islam as well.

I will get back to you in a few months.

Visit for your answer!

You have to be the most ignorant and biased person i have ever met. Christianity allows divorce and remarriage, dumbass, and seriously? The trinity? You got to be joking, its because they only believe jesus was a prophet, Christianity IS THE ONLY religion that recognizes Christ as the messiah, every other religion that worships Abraham's deity does not. Just because it ain't Christian, doesn't make it wrong and evil

Don't believe me on the divorce and remarriage claim? Read Corinthians

Or even better, Deuteronomy 24:1-4

If you are a Muslim you just talked me out if it. If you aren't whatever you are I don't want to be it.

I really could care less what you want to be, just don't go spouting bullshit about something you know absolutely nothing about.

These are honest questions not judgmental ones. You don't know the first thing about me or why I asked these questions.

"How can Islam be good if (listed "facts")" Noone said anything about it being judgemental, its just plain ignorant

No those aren't ignorant questions. They are very valid questions. But with your comments you've already made it clear who the ignorant one is.

Right.... I am very doubtful you know the actual definition of ignorant.

Your questions carry no validity and are questions just to insult muslims. They are rhetorical, and your only purpose is to probably make yourself look like you stumped muslims

Absolutely wrong. No motivation like that whatsoever. I will clarify my questions when I get on a large computer that allows me to edit. You are way off base.

My mistake, your questions seemed exactly worded in that manner

Too bad your wrong. I think you need to take a course in logic. Jumping to conclusions isn't going to set you a path of success.

Are you insulting me? Or just being offensively blunt?

I wasn't insulting you. Courses in logic help a person think straight that's all.

I think you should consider yourself taking a course in logic, because what you originally posted defies logical thinking.

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What's the trinity?

The father, son and holy ghost

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