It Feels Bad To..............

a children of eight,and the 5th born,both parents are all educationist,as i child i live a stobborn life till i was about 17 years of age,right now,when i think of my past,though it was'nt a good start,but i was just a child then,which i think should not make my parent hate me that much.though we talk and laugh but the care and the love a parent should ve for a child does not exist between me and my parents,there is an african adage which goes like only a mother knows which ahis child will eat,at thi circumstance the mother will not eat when the chhild has not eaten,but my parent eat without thinking of me,you cannot be convience that i am of age because my older siblings all get filled up by my mothers food,this was not a problem  to me because i was kind of used to it,until i feel sick one day when i could even do any thing,i was in my room rolling on my bed in pain when mother heared it and came to my room,she suggested i should go to the hospital,i would ve done th who at long ago but because there was know money on me,that kept me in the room,so i suggested she should give me about 10gh cedis to go and i will pay later,she look me in the eye and said she doesn't ve and all kind of stories,i was in pain i asked some to borrow me his phone and  i called a close friend come  immediately,within ten minites he was there,seeing the pain i was in he held me up to take me to the hospital,unlucky for me i was admitted,thinking mother will follow up,lucky for me i was discharged late in the night and my friend brought me home,this is a mother who dont even care at a point of death for a child she carried in the womb for nine good months,she later came to my room  to ask how i am doing?later in the morning my frind came to tell me to tell my mother if she can pay him all that he spent cos the money wasnt his,thats what every mum will be to a son,truelly the money wasn't his,i narrated everything to him how i called him to come and take me to the hospital,what my friend said was that this is not right,ve i killed anybody,even if i ve kill anybody a true mother cannot watch this happen to a child,the dear friend said if thats   the case then he can't collect the money from me either cos he knows i can't afford it,so he will work  something out,this not all every good thing that comes into the family never gets to reach me but every member of family do,thank God i am someone with a lion heart so i get my mind of it ,but sometimes when i think of it i get hurt a bit,upon all this i still love them as parents,but iit feels bad to be left out

phiify phiify
22-25, M
Sep 21, 2009