My Recent Conflicts

i was a great basketball player.. nov 2011 my freshman year the day before my first game i tore my acl and hurted me deeply , i also last my clostest friends they weren't there for me through out the surgery.. i only had my girlfriend which wasn't my girlfriend at the time but do to her loyalty we began dating.. i dad lost his job soon after my injury so i couldn't attend physical therapy anymore , he didn't care & didn't try to be re employed.. i trained myself .. not to mention my coach wouldn't even speak to me anymore because there was not use for me..i just began running about a month ago.. i lost my uncle this september he was killed.. i should be playing this.. my dad is still unemployed and not looking for work which puts me in a bind i need basketball equipment.. i am in beta club gpa 3.8 my girlfriend and i split up a week ago because we came to a understanding that we are better friends than lovers although it still hurts.. i have no one and i'm tired of being miserable.. i need someone
LesbianShakespeare LesbianShakespeare 16-17, F Oct 20, 2012

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