It's Getting Ridiculous Missing Everything I Want On Tv And In Time For What I Hate

A while ago, I was going to check the News.

TV comes on and its the Weather Forecaster Incantationing for the Weather I Hate. Then I'm on a channel I do not like, then another channel is having a commercials, then back to the News and missed something I wanted to get, then on to what I hate in the News. Then on another channel with what I hate in the News, (I think I have some favorite channels? I'll check them out?.)

Not one of my favorite shows. Back to the News. Commercials I Hate!

Sports Stuff! I Hate! 

Why is everyone into the Mark of the Beast? Sports Stuff? Yeak!

I'm thinking (!)* "This is getting worse than Murphy's Law!

Well? What Worse than "Murphy's Law"? When it continues its very Act with Me on It!

On and On and finding everything I do is liking to be out of Sync with what I really Want!

Nature is having a Cycle that at this moment is doing everything I Hate. And Not in Sync with what I Like!

Oh! K! This is getting Ridiculous!  

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

You sound just like me! Stuck watching CNN and then I get upset..