I came into this world 40 yrs ago today...and all I can say is wow, I cannot believe I made it this far! I have been through a very long journey and have come close to death a number of times but I am still here, and the best part of my journey is just beginning.

I have survived suicide, deppresion, abuse, a heart wrenching custody battle, divorce, grief, the loss of many loved ones and throughout it all I have survived those as many of the hardest struggles I have encountered in my life.

I am so blessed to have the last 40 years of my life to look back on reflect, and cherish and am looking forward to the next 40 years.

The rest of my life is layed out right before me and am just beginning my career now after raising my children since the age of 20 when I first became a stay at home mom. I am living my best life forward for the next 40 years.
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This has by far been the best birthday wish for oneself I have read so far.. you got some positive attitude ...probably I would say an over ambitious attitude of living another 40 years ... wow !!

Hope you get to live another 40 years and fulfill your wishes..

All the best !!

awe, thank you kindly for your words of encoragement.
In my family we tend to live long lives, like my great grandparent lived into their 90's and my gramma lived into her 80's so I hope to reach the same age in 40 yrs.
The way I see it too, is that I am still here for a reason.

yes life expectancy has increased these days so I don't see any reason for you not living as much as your grandparents unless you are engaging into activities that would really spoil your health for good like overeating and unhealthy munching on fast foods..

Not sure of the statement " I am here for a reason" but then each individual sees life differently so if that works for you then why not !!

Isn't it AMAZING how you get to a birthday and you look up and are SURPRISED that you made it this far!!?!😳 Happens to me every year!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIDDO! 😀

Happy birthday to you! You have been thru a lot and I hope you live a very happy and prosperous life. :)