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Skirt And Dress Stores For Males

From what I see about clothing stores in general, they are either male or female. Males are usually stuck with pants and shorts for most of thier lives. Why is that? Religion and other views aside, boys and men would function better with the acceptance of wearing a skirt or a simple dress to work or an evening out on the town. So I ask this, why aren't there stores in various states like Florida, California, Arizona, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, New York, and Ohio, that have skirts and dresses for men. We have to shop the womens sections now to get them and that can be quite uncomfortable for a male. Sometimes the clerks can be rude and seem to not want to sell them to us. That is why we need to have our own stores to buy and wear them. The sales people in the skirt and dress stores would be very helpful and would take much better care of us. They would be dressed in the items being sold as to better give us inspiration as to what to buy. The sales of dresses and skirts to males would be very good and strong because males would have places to shop in confidence where they can purchase these items. Boys would also have places to shop without fear or embarassment too. Thats very important for the boy who prefers skirts and dresses.He would be able to shop for his new looks too in complete comfort because he would see the sales people wearing them and ask questions too. We do need to create new fashion looks for males, because the old ones are very much out of date. Skirts and dresses would be very refreshing with all kinds of looks. Remember clothing knows no gender and we need to stop that nonsense too. Please accept the changes that are coming forward. Males would like to be accepted for their humanity not for what they wear.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 8 Responses May 16, 2011

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I agree that most shops are gender specific but if you can find a woman's wear shop with female shop attendants there shouldn't be a problem<br />
I have always bought clothes including lingerie for my wife as presents and now I just go into shops with only female staff and when they ask if they can help I explain that the clothes are for me and I would like to try them on. It is surprising how helpful the girls can be I often gave them. Getting me other sizes or making suggestions re fit or whether the particular dress skirt or blouse suits me I have even had one help me find the right bra<br />
So guys be brave and give it a go because it is a real thrill when you can shop for yourself

At the resale tores like Goodwill or Amvets will allow you to try on the clothing without question. The same goes for the Salvation Army. I have bought a few skirts there and one or two dresses. The clerks there are friendly and are willing to assist you if needed. I have worn skirts to these establishments, so don't be afraid. If you wish after paying fior them they will allow you to wear them right out of the store. I've done it.

Yesterday I stopped at a resale shop that I pass often. A very nice lady runs the shop and I wound up purchaseing 4 skirts. I told her they were for me. She didn't bat an eye. She was very helpful and invited me back. I will go back. You just have to get off the couch and go find what you want. And who cares what other people think. Now those 4 skirts are mine.By the way I tried them on before i left and it was the best day shopping ever. All told yesterday I purchased 4 half slips, 1 night gown,4 skirts. 2prs. of rumba panties and 2 prs. of thigh-hi's. Not a bad days work I love it.

MY wife of 20 years doesn't think it is cool to lounge around the house totally nude, so I would wear a towel often sitting out on the patio or tending our back yard wearing it at the time we had an 8 foot privacy fence so no prob with the neighbors worrying that their kids may see something they didn't want them to see. One day she found me a lightweight shower wrap basically looked like a 10 inch mini skirt I wore that thing for years finally it got so thread bare that you could see right through it . so Once while we were on vacation in Holland we stayed near one of the clothing optional beaches, while shopping in the local shops I spied a guy wearing a denim skirt and a "T" shirt so I told her let's find me one of those. That was the beginning of my owning and wanting to find men's stores that cater to male dress or skirt fashions that can be worn anytime even if only in places near the beaches.<br />
I have an "8" denim that fits low on my hips just barely covers my bits as long as I take care how I walk and don't bend over at all. But one of my favorites is a 12 inch Khaki and camouflaged with large pockets and utility loops. I wouldn't mind wearing it most anywhere with a matching shirt and hiking shoes. Maybe it is because I am in my late 50s that I don't see anything wrong with men who are not trying to emulate women while wearing skirts or dresses. Or maybe it is because I would feel just as comfortable wearing a loin or breach cloth and a feathered headdress while riding bare back on a paint horse

I would take this one more step... and that is unisex to all clothing and footwear. I do agree that some male manikins wearing skirts, dresses and other attire would help in the acceptance for males. Each of us should be able to choose what ever clothing we want to wear in public or private without ridicule or slander. Years ago... women fought for the right to wear pants and some are still ridiculed today for their choice. Personally... I think it's time to show the sexes as equal and stereo types dropped. We need to respect each others choices of style and clothing.<br />
<br />
Male clothing is boring in style and colour. Our lack of selection in colored socks is one example. but as women now enjoy the right to wear pants we need to be able to wear a skirt or dress if desired without ridicule or being labeled as gay.<br />
<br />
I do wear a skit and and do shop at stores that are specifically for females. I have found that most stores are happy to have a customer. My money is just as welcome as other women's. I do ask to try on my choices and ask advise in sizing. Sizing, cut, is certainly different from "male clothing" so trying something on is a must. So changing sizing to a standard for all clothing would certainly help a lot.<br />
<br />
But I must add... I will not wait for the stores to have a skirt, dress or some other piece of clothing in the "Men's section" before I will buy and wear it if I desire. Life is to short to wait and be told by some in society that I can only wear this or that. Who made them the clothing police? I will wear what I wish... smile... and hold my head up. :)

I love the boy mannekin in the store front window in the dress, could be at any mall across America.<br />
This is a good avatar for this group.

To the boys that read this, please get the stores to realize you too would want skirts and dresses offered to you You too need to start demanding this change to better help you with your clothing choices. Let your voices be heard.

I agree that these stores should exist, they may even put several dents in the MEN'S WAREHOUSE Or BROOKS BROTHER'S stores that sell exclusively current male fashions. I have seen via youtube, news programs, the printed media and even the Oprah show and this is a recurring theme. More and more boys are wearing either skirts to school or dresses. Why the recent upswing in the recent months? Boys are demandeding to wear dresses to their junior and senior proms, in place of current uniforms and for a host of other reasons.