How To Burn Iso Files?

An ISO file, also called a disc image, is a single file that’s a copy of an entire data CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. When you burn an ISO file to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, the new disc has the same folders, files, and properties as the original disc. The most common way to get an ISO file is to download it from a website. For example, you might download and then use an ISO file to update software on your computer.
Normal disc burning software can handle image files but not like WinISO. WinISO have all the tools you need. It starts with the basic features like making disk images from a CD, DVD or a Blue-ray for backup or copying purposes. If you need to backup a bootable disk like Windows or Linux, creating an image is the best option because normal copy pasting will make them un-bootable! It can also burn these images to disks without the help of any burning software. That’s very basic.
You can burn a disc image file which often has either an .iso or .img file name extension to a recordable CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc by using WinISO with easy steps.
1. Download and install WinISO.
2. Double-click on the WinISO file that you just installed. The program will start.
3. Insert a blank disc in your drive.
As long as your optical drive supports it, the disc can be a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc since WinISO supports them all.
Tip: Use the smallest sized disc as you can because a disc burned with an ISO file isn't often usable for other purposes. For example, if the ISO file you're using is only 125 MB, don't use a DVD or Blu-ray Disc if you have a less expensive empty CD available.
4. Click the “Tools” button on the menu, and then select the “Burn Image...” option. Or you can directly press “Burn” on the toolbar.
5. When the “Burn” dialogue appears, locate and select the ISO file you wish to burn to the empty disc.
Once you've selected the ISO file, click the Burn button at the bottom of the window to start the burning. After a few minutes, WinISO will successfully burn the ISO image file to your CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc. You can press “Erase” to stop burning at any time if you need.
WinISO is an all-in-one ISO utility tool, it's an ISO burner can fulfill your demands. With several clicks to finish off burning ISO process.
WinISO Standard is available for free download and anyone can use it freely but without registering WinISO can only be used for images under 500MB. Free download:

About WinISO Computing
WinISO Computing Inc. was established in 2001, consistently dedicated to research and development of internationalized general consumer software with a focus on professional ISO making and editing. For the sake of the consumers' demand, we developed the world's first professional ISO editing software - WinIso.
WinISO is the earliest ISO making and editing software across the world. WinISO was an immediate success as soon as it came into the market. During nearly ten-year' development, WinISO has won millions of users. With a strong technical accumulation and professional marketing, WinISO Computing Inc. will focus on the broadly-demanded software market and provide a complete set of solutions to consumers.
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