So Sorry!

Yep... all of my exs had to learn this the HARD way! Once I am dumped or I dump a guy, it's pretty much over, for good. The last thing a guy wants to see, is me heading out that door (figuratively speaking), because I NEVER come back! :-o

I'm just thinking of this, because I got another friend request from one of my exs today... which I denied! The guy didn't want to date me, because I wouldn't convert to his religion. And he ran off and married someone who would. And now... he wants to talk to me? It's a little too late for that, guy! =p

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Oh you go Shadow!! <br />
Yep - when it's over, it's OVER!! I can stay friends with lovers, depending on the situation. Don't **** me off - and don't lie.