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  1. I am unusual, and different from

    many others ... eccentric, as one journalist described me. And how

    could I be the same as others, when I can see what others can’t.

    I did not ask for it, forces determined it themselves and to each and every one

    of us... including me. It is a very hard work.

    When you read the text about my work, you’ll

    surely be wondering how it is possible that one person can know what will

    come forward, for different time periods, individually and precisely.

    I know I always say what I see, but do not say all the ugly things in

    completely, because most people are not ready, nor

    want to hear ugly things ... We all want only happiness, love, health,

    money, beautiful events.

    How to achieve all that?

    No prescription and anyone who tells you that is not telling the truth.

    Who promises too much, know that isn’t telling the truth.

    When the number of lotto lottery, for example, could quite correctly be seen,

    I would not have worked for so many years and do the readings to so many

    people ... ones I would sit, for example, predict the numbers, got a huge amount of

    money and buy, for example, five villas in the world, ten yachts, three hotels

    eight restaurants, etc.

    Now you wonder how it is possible that have the ability to

    see, and it cannot see that?!

    The truth is that everything is determined by fate ... and I can not change it, neither other people’s, nor mine.

    I am given that much.... THEY decide how much and for how long I can go,

    how it will be, how I’ll live and what decisions I’ll make.

    All this I see for myself, as well as for others...

    There are forces that determine our faith at the moment of our birth.

    I could see the whole life to a small baby who was just born. How?

    It is written ... it is fate ...

    A hundred times I wanted to stop ... I’ve just had enough, and my

    desire to quit was big...

    Especially after the people who are unpleasant, and I feel it ... or when

    lying ... when you are humiliated, and they cynically look at you and think if this means anything at all?

    I can see all that and know exactly who is who, what’s that person like…

    The hardest is to work with people ...

    However a large number of those who listen, leave and come back again,,,

    They come for years and it makes me

    ... satisfied. Of course if there are good and beautiful things in question, but ...

    I've seen a lot of misfortune, death of small children and later, and it all happened...

    I regretted saying things like that.

    Or man, very honest, good, but in trouble, seriously ill, dies in pain

    ... and bad, evil, lying, living well....

    Bad sometimes go through life much easier than good people ...

    Higher forces determine that...

    My job is quite hard and requires great concentration, and my

    relaxation and freedom to say ...

    all is very hard, but also great responsibility ... what will

    happen in the future, when I say something if I saw it correctly

    A few sentences for you who visit my website ..

    p.s. There are many “psychics” and “Healers "...

    In particular have emerged in huge numbers since the beginning of separation of Yugoslavia,

    is, the beginning of the crisis ...

    Without a job, they did not know how and what to do, and have declared their omnipotence…

    And everyone will understand that it is impossible to have so many of them in the territory of former Yugoslavia... And it's funny...

    But, on several occasions as a guest on TV 24 hours, I said that all those commercials and guest appearances on TV will stop ... and in two

    months it was forbidden.

    Now I write what I see ... All who don’t know will stop working

    which means there will remain only a few people in Europe....

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