My sisters don't accept me for who I am just because I don't act like them. My mom in some ways doesn't like it either but she doesn't dislike the whole 100% like my sisters. And my 3rd oldest tries so hard to make me like her and I refuse or do things in front of me to and make me ask her what she's singing or doing or laugh and do it too. Or just like today she did her workout right where I was doing homework when she was at first doing it downstairs the whole time. She did it because I didn't pay any attention or ask or even care about what she was doing when I went downstairs to my room for a second, so then she decides to come up stairs and do her little workout with waits or something she was using, wasn't paying attention to care but I was already up there and she knew I was doing homework, I am sooo sick of her wanting me to be like her and go to her and want to hang around her so her head can get bigger like see everyone wants to be around me even my youngest sister. Ugh!! She's ghetto and I'm not and she can't accept that. She is just so pitiful and sad. Like why do I matter so much when you've said many times "oooo, I hate her, I can't stand her!!!" My siblings don't even feel like family anymore, they feel like stupid idiotic people I have to deal with at school.
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pity you cannot pick your family as you can pick your friends

Be yourself and do not drop down to their level.

Thanks :)

Sorry to hear that