I never had an amazing real sex. I had sex twice. The first one was just 2 mins, he was lame and came right away and I broke up with him throught text the day after. Yeah he took my virginity, whatever. I hated that he didn't make it special and at least make me come. :P He's so lame and I hate him for that.

The second one was 30mins. He didn't make me come either. But he was super hot and I enjoyed it, but he wasn't passionate enough and he has a "tiny" one. :p

I see them as experiences. I am a girl, and it amazes me that I kinda think like a guy. I feel like I'm the playboy.

Whatever, they don't know how to **** right. I never settle for guys who doesn't please me when they get the chance.
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hey there if u ever log back in i would love to try and pleasure you over and over

Wish for a chance .......

So it is time to find out what a rip roaring, try everything, fun time real sex can be, talk to me

Amazing real sex might take some time for you to enjoy.The best sex i had in my life was with girls that was in my life, either as friends or as girlfriends for quite a while.A one night stand or a peacock like the one you mentioned wont give you much, at least for now.

I hardly remember any girl cuming from the first time i had sex with her.That requires some knowledge of earchother, or you have to be really horny and relaxed to achieve that.

The way you think i guess is not that ubnormal.Its a stereotype that guys think more than girls about sex..we do think of it a lot...both genders.

Age is not a barrier for sex.My wife says I am great player on bed.Sex is not only about penetrating it is loving of each inch of partners body

Thanks everyone. But just because I shared this, doesn't mean I wanna have sex with anybody from this site.

wish i had a chance to have sex with you..i would fulfill your sexual desires, make you *** and moan naughtily..giving u a nice long sexy bang..

Baby find an older guy. They'll take their time and you'll definitely ***!

sad but still u got little experience n hope now u will be choosing wisely for a longer version... ;)

Sex is a numbers game you just have to keep playing