The Love Of My Live

He was the love of my life and the relationship lasted 66 years.  I met him at a high school dance in 1939.  We went to college together, then we both joined the army to help win the war in 1943. We were parted by the war and he wwent to foreign countries to fight while I stayed in the United States.  We went home on fulough and had our weedding,  a simple cermony dressed in our uniforms.   Then after a five day honeymooon he was shipped out againand  I didn't see him again for over two years.  But our love survived the war and beifn separated so many times.  He was my one and only love.    But after 66 years he went to a better place where I will meet up with him again some day. 

The End

ewilley ewilley
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

This is a beautiful story... i just got engaged to my marine its hard he is stationed in north Carolina and i am in Oregon all the way across the county.. he is getting deployed to Afghanistan on Saturday and im really scared i dont know what to dream is to be married with him and only him i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him... your story is beautiful and thanks for sharing, you moved me... i hope i get to have a long lasting love like yours....God bless youu!!!!!!!

You've written a beautiful story, testimony to what real love is all about. Weren't you lucky to have loved to well in your life. It must sadden you to see so many marriages end in divorce in today's world.<br />
I want to thank you for your beautiful love story. I also want to tell you that what they say about your generation is true, The GREATEST GENERATION! We appreciate all you did through those difficult <br />
Wars. Take care and I'd love to hear more stories from your life.