Freedom = Nudity

I love hanging all day nude.. I even now belong to a nudist camp and love spending the weekend naked... Nothing better to feel the freedom of just enjoying what God wanted us to be.. Wasn't Adam and Eve born this way at first? I always look forward till my kids are gone for the weekend for the clothes come off the moment I step in... I love dancing to my music, turning on the fireplace and knowing that I do not have to worry about what am I wearing... and sipping a glass of wine as the weekend comes along... at the nudies camp its like a world of people loving what is the most beautiful thing our bodies and each one of them is special... and its fun to know that others feel the same way... Anytime I can get away with it.. in hot tub, swimming pool or just my back yard its a blessing in disguise...
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I go to the resort alone and usually hang with my friends there... after a while you make friends... and I love going there and I always have a great time..

The family was out of town for five days over the summer and I was able to work from home. I remained naked the entire 5 days to include sneaking down to get the mail and take out the trash after it was dark. What a thrill.<br />
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Do you go to the nudist camp alone or have you met other friends there?

why a blessing in disguise? a NAKED blessing is the best blessing you'll ever find.<br />
Enjoy nakedness!!