Naked Power

My husband and Owner has used a variety of methods to bring me to an understanding of my status as his property, one of which is to control when and where and what I may wear. The psychological difference between being naked and being kept naked is huge. Removing the element of choice somehow heightens your sense of exposure and certainly your feelings of venerability. Nor is it possible to "cheat", since the dressing rooms, both his and the one he keeps clothing for me in, are locked, again, it is a matter of removing choice and imposing control. In the beginning it was kind of a game, but as days passed I learned it was definitely not a game, that this was the new normal. Hardest of all was being naked in front of others. I was punished more than once for trying to cover myself, my Owner having none of that. He was proud of having me and liked to show me off. I've belonged to him now for eight years and spend most of a typical week naked. I think nothing of it now.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

love this idea

I loved story. I trust you owner realises what a precious property he has aquired.

Again, your Master has trained you very well. I too, keep the clothes locked behind doors and I only have the key . She wears ONLY what I permit her to wear ant any one minute of the day. I also make sure that she will NEVER refuse me for sex and she should ALWAYS remain wet and ready for me at any time of the day or nght.

That is very interesting. I would like to hear more about your lifestyle sometime