All Day Long

After a trying week, I have been looking forward to the weekend.  I decided to start celebrating when I left work this morning.  After gassing up the car, I ******** down behind the wheel and drove home nude.  It was a great feeling, weaving in and out of traffic and seeing those poor souls in suits heading off to another boring day.  My day was just getting started with me dressed only in my birthday suit. 

I got home and took a little nap.  I then got up and fixed lunch, then did some things around the house.  It was such a wonderful day, I wanted to get out.  So, I got back in the car and went to an atm to get some cash and hit the road.  I drove to a park about 2 hours away where I knew I would be alone.  I went for a hike and spent some time along another nature trail in a wetlands area.  It felt great to have the sun on my skin.  Then it was back in the car and I drove back home.  I'm still nude now and have no reason to get dressed.  In fact, I won't have to think about clothes until tomorrow afternoon when some out of town friends arrive.  That means by then I will have spent over 24 hours completely nude!  It's not a record for me, but it's been a while since I've been able to stay naked for this long.

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Mar 5, 2010