I Remember Being Scared

It was relatively early in the morning-me not a morning person- but I had a small job that would take about an hour daily - so after "work" I was picking up a few things at the grocery store.My brain was trying to decide which kind of trail mix I would care for?-did I say It was early and I am not a morning person?- and this man approached me with two small children in his buggy and said to me "you are so beautiful I just needed to tell you that" I looked behind me was he speaking to me are those two kids in his buggy did he just say that did he really just say that to me well yes he did and I said thank you and finished my purchase all the while looking over my shoulder hoping I would be able to exit not seeing him again I was embarrassed and scared. Afterwards I realized he had a great deal of courage doing such a thing and felt the compliment .I wondered if he had a wife if the kids said anything to mom when they got home I do not even remember what he looked like. I quess that is a good thing because chances are in my small community I would have seen him again and it would have been weird for me maybe him I don't know
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OMG, I have done this all my life. I especially love to compliment women who are in their 40s or 50s when I was younger and looked like I was in my 20s.<br />
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I never did it to pick up a woman, but just to let her know she looked good. Please, to think that is weird would be like saying you think it would be strange to bump into someone and say excuse me.<br />
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I have done this when out with my children. Once a woman asked me how my wife would feel (she was dead at the time) and I said, I think she would agree with me, to which one of my daughters piped in, you Are very pretty, Papa right.<br />
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Did you not brush your hair and pick out those clothes because you thought they looked nice? Did you wash your face and put on some lipstick?<br />
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I frequently will walk up to a woman and say, "Let your husband know I find you both attractive and desirable." Then I walk away.<br />
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Life is not so nice all the time, so I think if I can let a woman here or there know she looks good, I can only hope it makes her feel good.

It was weird. I am used to being looked at by men but seldom approached so fowardly. I remember once going for breakfast with my husband and he liked making me feel inadequate so he mentioned I did not look very good that morning- just prior to entering the restaurant. I kept to myself with him and did not look up or interact with anyone besides the newspaper. When we left he told me how stunning I looked and how everyman was looking at me. He looked like a peacock all puffed up with pride of ownership. That is why there is no photo of me by the way -I was a commodity ba<x>sed on the visual so I avoid photographs like the plague.

That was kinda weird. Maybe flattering but I doubt I would have ever done that. I don't think you were in any jeopardy but only because of the kids being there. He was probably ok just a little tacky. I wouldn't be concerned but you're right kids have ears and they learn by example. I hope he realizes his blunder and never tries that again in front of his kids.