Yup. I've been told "Damn, you're ugly!"
Loads of times.
No sweat! n__n"

OleMona OleMona
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8 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Probably just me... *muffled laugh*

haha, I wonder how many people would join that group ha

Hahaha! Norwegian hotties that don't like hugs but have to get used to them?<br />
haha, I'll put that as a goal instead xD

You may hate hugs, Mona, but if you visit, you better get used to them =P and by the way. You are not ugly, you're a norwegian hottie ;). Now that should be the next EP group you join/create

Haha! No, I dont, that's true. Haha ^^<br />
You're still very sweet ^^

Ugh ok..sorry..<br />
<br />
You dont have to hug back though! :P

Nothing sweet here.<br />
Oh, and... I belong to the rare people that don't like... hugging. Sorry.<br />
But it's a nice gesture anyway! :D<br />
At least I know you care that much *muffled laugh*<br />
<br />
Hey, it's really no big deal, though :D

Aweeeee!!!<br />
<br />
((HUGS))<br />
<br />
You are sweet! :-)