A Workaholic

people said this to me throughout high school, and especially now in college, because i put effort into schoolwork. i just like learning, and even if i'm not crazy about a class, i still try to put my best foot forward. in several of my classes this semester, many people show up unaware that an assignment was even due, so i guess compared to them i could be seen as a major workaholic! ah well, it's a title i wear proudly. even if i don't always get outstanding grades, at least i try.

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I like the way you think but... what does this hae to do with anorexia?

Lots of people don't have a decent work ethic anymore. Whether it's a job, career or school. Plenty still do, but I notice it to moving closer to extinction. You should be proud of yourself that you are motivated in all you do to achieve your best! But don't forget to allow for play time too! That's another area that we should never neglect and strive for "the best" in ;)

aw, horses! awesome. my friend had horses when we were little, but they had to give them up because her family couldn't afford to keep them any longer. they're an enormous responsibility, but worth it all. i think it's all the hard work we do in life is worth it, even the stuff we may not be wild about at the time. it builds a lot of character, and clearly you have that!

Thank you! Growing up that way gives you more than what you know. I am glad and thankful for that life style. Wouldnt change it for the world.....or my horses.

i imagine growing up that way gives you a sense of responsibility that stays with you for life. and clearly you are a very hard, responsible worker, so kudos to you!

OH not a farm girl anymore just brought up on a farm! Best of luck to all of you!

ah yes, you've been quite busy! i've also had to train myself to stop and smell the roses. i'm the kind of person who pushes myself unnecessarily at times, but i've tried to learn a better balance over the years. :)<br />
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anyway, thank you all, and i agree, that hard work pays off and goes a long way in life!

I stop and smell the roses I have learned that one over the years. I always say it is probably from my up bringing.....Farm Girl and 4 brothers!

My Hat off to you My Lady. This says alot about you in a good way. I don't see any thing wrong with working hard to acheive your goals. Anyone that says it is a bad thing. I think it is because they want you to fall short just like they did. But also please remember to once in a while stop and smell the roses. Much Luck.

theres nothing wrong with working hard -you are determined that is a good thing!

second that motion! Plus being like this tends to take you farther in life. Plus it is a great role model for those that may be around you. Life is about teaching and helping others in one way or another

thank you both! it can be hard when you stretch yourself in different directions to get everything done, but i'd rather work hard and give my best effort than just not try at all.

runnagirrl... i like the way you think.. i am kind a same way on my business. i guess coze i like it what i do.. and i only do what i can do anyway.. but that's a great principle. i respect that. Hugs*

That would be me with my job. Normally 6 days a week and a sh*t ton of hours. My ex husband had a problem with me working so much. I enjoy what i do and some men just like to have the woman home at a normal time with dinner ready. Not this chick. I will do it all but it might not be till like 9pm or something on some nights. All depends and it always changes.