I Have Been Told the Following, Eh?

Damn you/you're:





smell good.

kleisse kleisse
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21 Responses Feb 27, 2009

o well.

Too late.

dont hurt yourself.

I'm trying to imagine a marshmallow with pants on.

You'd be a friendly ghost, too if you looked like a marshmallow without pants.

It's a possibility. Well, thank you.

is he the one visiting you?

Casper is friendly.

I hear ghost arent very nice.

I suppose it does. Or perhaps I am talking to ghost? Deedle dee doo.

it still fits though!

No... this person deleted their comments (or profile).

your talking to your self!

Go for it. And thank you.

I do. I do make lists.

Damn, you make lists.

Stick around and I'm sure it would.

I don't put anything on, I just have my shampoo and body wash. (My sister is allergic to all perfumes/colognes.)

I dunno i think that would get misused more then anything lol. i dont like it when people put on so much you can smell them before they enter the building.

Indeed I do. Too bad you can't send scent particles through the computer.

do you smell good?