You're Bold

I have never been one to bite my tounge.  I say exactly what I mean and try to be very courteous in doing so.  People don't always have the courage to speak their minds.  I remember once I was in a resteraunt with a couple of girlfriends and receiving terrible service from the waitress.  I am the type of person who believes in tipping the waitress regardless of the service.  This may contribute to poor customer service now that I think about it....hmmmm.....Anyway, this girl was horrible....We were seated and waited 15 minutes (fairly empty resteraunt) to even place our order.  Once we finally placed our orders we were served our food with no silver, no napkins.  I mean she stunk.  lol... When it was time to pay the bill.  I had to express my disatisfaction.  I told her.  Hey, we can't really leave here without tipping but this is the absolute worst service I've recieved in quite a long time.  She was appologetic and explained that this was new for her.  She was just begining to waitress.  I encouraged her to be more attentive, be sure to greet her customers earlier and be sure to take their drink orders first after giving the specials.  Ultimately she was grateful for the least she appeared so. 

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

here here!!! The waitress was happy for my generosity and received my constructive criticism well.... <br />
I have a habit of being open and sugary candid. You tend to understand what I mean and take it with a smile. I sometimes think people don't realize that I've set them straight until long afterward.... even then its done with such loving southern hospitality. it doesn't matter anyway.

I think you were quite right to complain about the service you received. I would have don the same. I say exactly what I feel, and if people don'tlike it, Tough!! Most of my friends know I am open and blunt, and they respect that in me, or accept it. They seem to respond well to it. At least they know where they stand.